Online Resources

Teacher Project Pack

Monitor your plants (Colour PDF | BW Friendly PDF) – Colour Image | BW Friendly Image
Class Activity A3 sized poster for your classroom.

Monitor your Plants – Individually (PDF) – Image Copy
Individual Monitoring Sheets for pupils to fill in and pin up next to their seedlings.

School Growing Instructions for Tomatoes (PDF) – Image Copy
Use these instructions to plant your tomatoes at school (teachers) and plan out your growing project.

Growing Timeline (PDF) – Image Copy
A visual expected timeline for how your seeds should grow and when you can expect to reach growth milestones.

Pupil Instructions

Transplanting Tomatoes (PDF) – Image Copy
Take these instructions home with you (pupils) along with your seedlings when they are ready to be planted at home.

Project Specific Worksheets

Planting your Seeds (PDF) – Image Copy
Observation & Drawing activity. When are you planting your seeds? What is the day like?

Key Stage 1 Worksheets

Fruits & Vegetables (PDF) –  Image Copy
Cut & Stick Activity. Sort out some fruit and vegetables.

Flower Plant Parts (PDF) –  Image Copy
Colouring and Writing Activity. Label the parts of this flower.

How Plants Grow (PDF) –  Image Copy
Drawing & Colouring activity. Draw how seeds turn into flowers.

Sunshine & Water (PDF) –  Image Copy
Colouring and Writing Activity. Plants need Light and Water to grow.

Key Stage 2 Worksheets

What is Spring? (PDF) –  Image Copy
Writing & Drawing activity. Spring is a season.

Changes in Spring (PDF) –  Image Copy
Writing activity. What changes would you expect to see outside in spring?

Key Stage 3 Worksheets

Lifecycle of a Plant – Tomatoes (PDF) – Image Copy
Writing Activity. Assign the right labels and stages of growth to the lifecycle diagram. Key Words: Germination, True Leaves, Seed Leaves.

What Plants Need to Grow (Y3) (PDF) – Image Copy
Writing Activity. Assign the right words to the gaps in the sentences. Learn about how conditions affect plants.