Veg Champions Packs are now on their way!

Veg Champions Packs are now on their way!


We posted the Veg Champions packs out yesterday and they are now making their way out to everyone who signed up for the Veg Champions FREE Seed pack!

Everyone who has been confirmed as a Veg Champion should receive an email shortly and your veg pack will arrive in the next few days – so start planning your veg growing session/s now!

Each pack contains:

  • What you Will Need Information Sheet
  • Why Tomatoes? Fact Sheet
  • Expected Timeline for Growing Stages
  • Really Easy Growing Instructions (For Teachers)
  • Class Monitoring Sheet Mastercopy (A4 Version)
  • Individual Pupil Monitoring Sheets Mastercopy
  • First Worksheet “Planting your Seeds” Mastercopy
  • Really Easy Planting Guide (For Pupils to take home) Mastercopy
  • Tomato Seed Packet/s containing a MINIMUM of 3 seeds per pupil.
  • Planting Depth Lollipop Stick marked at 2cm for tomato seed planting (1 per class)

If at any point you lose or your mastercopy paperwork becomes damaged, remember you can download these sheets online in our resources section. We also have some extra worksheets available here too and we will continue to add more over the next couple of months.

Don’t forget to submit your photos, stories and questions over at the Teacher Talk section – this will not only allow you to connect with us and others doing the same project but also helps us to continue to deliver FREE projects like this one in the future.