We Did It!

We not only reached our goal of supplying 2000 pupils across Birmingham with our free veg champions seed pack, but we have such a fantastic response that we extended our reach to 3000 pupils and then hit that target almost immediately!

This means the project sign ups are now closed – but if you missed out on your chance to participate this year don’t worry! We have a couple of options to help you still get involved:

  • You can still use our online resources for FREE. You don’t need to be an official Veg Champion to do so. Just download the worksheets you want and print them off for your class or group to use. You’ll just need to supply the seeds yourself – maybe your local garden centre or parent committee will help?
  • You can still get involved in our Teacher Talk section – doing so will not only help you to create a great growing program this year but you will also be helping us to make sure we get funding for more (and bigger) projects like this one next year! So get involved and tell us what growing you are up to this year and have a chat with us about what you would like to see in the future.
  • Sign up on our new form online to let us know you wanted to take part in this project. We will put your school or group on back-order so if there are any spare packs available we will let you know and you may still get a chance to become a Veg Champion this year! In addition, letting us know you wanted to sign up helps us to get the word out that projects like this are wanted and needed in Birmingham and helps us to make sure we get funding for similar projects in the future. We need your feedback and sign ups to keep projects like this going every year!